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Welcome to Adult Education!


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Swindon College has a wide range of courses for adults. Whether you are looking to get back into work, gain a professional qualification to develop your skills, enhance or completely change your career or looking for a new interest or hobby, we have the course for you!

Why Choose Swindon College?
Swindon College’s success rates have risen significantly over the last four years and we were awarded Grade 1 Outstanding status by Ofsted in 2013. We have approximately 6,500 further education students (including 800 apprentices) and 500 higher education students.

Our main higher education partners are the University of Bath and Oxford Brookes University. You will receive expert tuition from well-qualified and experienced staff.

As a student of Swindon College, you will benefit from the range of services and facilities it has to offer, such as: Library and Learning Resource Centre, Student Enrichment Centre, HE Student Centre, The Restaurant, Sports Therapy Clinic, On-site Nursery, Counselling, Beauty Therapy Salon and Hairdressing Salons.

Swindon College’s Job Seeking Team aim to provide adults with professional and beneficial training and support which will increase their chances of gaining employment. If you are currently looking for work, please click here to view our Job Seekers section.

If you are looking to further your qualifications or career prospects you have options! Bear in mind that even courses listed as 'full time' will only require you to be in college for a maximum of two and a half days a week during term time.

You can:

i) Enrol on a Part Time Adult course.

ii) Enrol on a Full Time course

iii) Look at an Access to Higher Education course, designed for those who have few or no formal qualifications but who would like to study at university level (higher education)

iv) Expand your professional qualifications with our Business Training courses

v) Or you may be interested in direct entry to higher education (university-level study), in which case you may like to browse the Higher Education prospectus for 2015-16.

Swindon College wants you to enjoy your courses and complete them successfully, if you would like advice on any of our part time courses or to discuss payment options contact our Student Services team on Tel: (01793) 491591 or email: studentservices@swindon.ac.uk 


What level is right for me?
The level you study will depend on your previous experience, achievements and qualifications. For example, if you have no formal qualifications, an entry or Level 1 course is likely to be most appropriate but if you have relevant experience you may be able to start at a higher level. Our team of advisors are happy to give you guidance on what would be best for you on an individual basis. Please see an overview of learning levels below:

Level 7
Learning at this level involves the demonstration of high level specialist professional knowledge and is appropriate for senior professionals and managers. Level 7 qualifications are at a level equivalent to Master's degrees, postgraduate certificates and postgraduate diplomas.

Example Qualifications: 
Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma, Level 7 Advanced Professional Certificate, Level 7 Advanced Professional Award, MSc, MA

Level 6
Learning at this level involves the achievement of a high level of professional knowledge and is appropriate for people working as knowledge-based professionals or in professional management positions. Level 6 qualifications are equivalent to Bachelor's degrees with honours, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas

Example Qualifications: 
Level 6 Professional Diploma, Level 6 Professional Certificate, Level 6 Professional Award, NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, British Safety Council Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, BA, BSc.

Level 5
Learning at this level involves the demonstration of high levels of knowledge, a high level of work expertise in job roles and competence in managing and training others. Qualifications at this level are appropriate for people working as higher grade technicians, professionals or managers. Level 5 qualifications are at a level equivalent to intermediate Higher Education qualifications such as Diplomas of Higher Education, Foundation and other degrees that do not typically provide access to postgraduate programmes.

Example Qualifications:
Foundation Degree, HND, Level 5 Professional Diploma, Level 5 Professional Certificate, Level 5 Professional Award, Full Technological Certificate.

Level 4
Learning at this level is appropriate for people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or managing and developing others. Level 4 qualifications are at a level equivalent to Certificates of Higher Education. 

Example qualifications:
HNC, Level 4 Professional Diploma, Level 4 Professional Certificate, Level 4 Professional Award

Level 3 
Learning at this level involves obtaining detailed knowledge and skills. It is appropriate for people wishing to go to university, people working independently, or in some areas supervising and training others in their field of work. 

Example quailifications:
A Level, AS Level, Advanced Diploma, National Diploma, National Certificate, National Award, Level 3 Diploma, Level 3 Certificate, Level 3 Award, Level 3 NVQ, Access to Higher Education Diploma.

Level 2 
Learning at this level involves building knowledge and/or skills in relation to an area of work or a subject area and is appropriate for many job roles. 

Example qualifications:
GCSE at grades A*–C, Higher Diploma, First Diploma, First Certificate, Level 2 Diploma, Level 2 Certificate, Level 2 Award, Level 2 NVQ.

Level 1 
Learning at this level is about activities which mostly relate to everyday situations and may be linked to job competence. 

Example qualifications:
GCSE at grades D–G, Foundation Diploma, Introductory Diploma, Introductory Certificate, Level 2 Diploma, Level 2 Certificate, Level 2 Award, Level 1 NVQ.

Learning at this level involves building basic knowledge and skills and is not geared towards specific occupations.

Example qualifications:
Entry Level Certificate, Foundation Diploma, BTEC Level 1 Certificate.

Financing Your Studies
You needn’t worry about the cost of personal development training; government Student Loans are available for many higher education courses and Swindon College also offers 24+ Advanced Learning Loans for learners aged 24 and over who are looking to study at Level 3 and above, see our guide to 24+ loans here.

Students aged under 24 who don’t already have a Level 3 qualification will be entitled to funding to achieve their qualification. If you have any questions relating to course fees or other aspects of student finance, please contact one of our advisors for more information.

All course information is correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to make any amendments, cancellations or deletions to the programme. In the event of a course being cancelled we will give enrolled students as much notice as possible and the College will refund any fees paid.